No worries! If you are interested in doing something but don't know what that is, our platform provides the perfect opportunity for you to spend time figuring out not only what you are qualified to do but also what would bring you fulfillment.

Now some may find this part easy. They know what they love to do; they’ve been pursuing this passion for some time and they feel comfortable engaging in this service. They may have helped friends and family in the past or they’ve honed some skills by using this talent for their own family.

If that is not you, but you are intrigued by the opportunity to work and provide help to others, here are some tips:


  • Think. Spend time thinking, day dreaming, meditating while walking or being outside and try to get in touch with your passions—things you like to do, things that bring you happiness. Maybe it is something you were engaged in as a child, or at a specific time in your life, or maybe it is something you’ve been doing all along to help others without even realizing it. Brainstorm ideas that could add fulfillment to your life.
  • Ask friends and family. They may be a great resource to help you think about what service(s) you can provide. They may suggest things that you are good at or what they appreciate your advice on. Sometimes it takes someone else's perspective.
  • Search ModernDay Village categories. Perhaps by reviewing the existing categories and services, something will resonate with you like “wow, I would love to do something like that and I think I have something to offer.” If you don’t see anything of interest, maybe something will spark a new idea we haven't listed yet.
  • Research. Perhaps you can read an article online or read a book that will help you figure out what you would like to do. The information is endless.

Be patient. If something doesn't come to you immediately after following these steps, we feel confident that the proverbial light bulb will go off and you will realize what you've been wanting to do. Best of luck!