Everyone providing a service can provide an hourly rate and/or a fixed-priced project rate during the registration process for each service being offered.

This is a free market system, where rates can vary for the same and for different services within the marketplace. Here are some considerations to help you establish pricing for your service(s):

  1. What is your experience level with this service? Those who are currently working in this area will know their rates. Those who have worked in this field in the past have experience and will most likely charge more than someone who has no prior professional work experience in this area. Those who are pursuing their passions without prior work experience will most likely charge less than these two other levels, at least until  credibility has been established by ratings and reviews.
  2. Think about what fee would satisfy you.  What would make you feel good when you see that money deposited into your bank account?
  3. Research others on the website to see how they are pricing their services.  Think about where your experience fits in and around what range you should charge.
  4. Remember, you can always modify your hourly rate.  If you are not getting hired, perhaps you want to lower your rate. If you started at a lower rate than you would like to receive and you have been getting work and great reviews, then maybe you can consider raising your rate.
  5. Remember to account for the fees: the ModernDayVillage 12% platform fee plus Stripe processing fee of 2.9% + .30 per transaction which will be deducted from your hourly rate and/or fixed price.  Therefore, you want your total rate to include: what you want to make + 15% total fees.