Rating and reviewing the person you hired is easy to do. It can take as little or as much effort as you want, but it is a vital part of our community.

After you've paid your final invoice for a project, you will receive notification or an email asking you to rate and review the person you just finished working with.

You will be asked to rate the following criteria on a scale of 1 to 5 stars in .5 increments:

Overall rating:  This will be automatically calculated from the three ratings you give below:

  • Communication:  How responsive was this person during the process?

  • Quality: Did the results match the proposed job description?


  • Would you recommend them to a friend? 

After you give your ratings, you have the option to provide more text feedback.

1. Public Review:  For anyone on the website to see.

This is where you can comment publicly on anything related to your project and the person you hired. Be as general or as specific as you wish. If you write about something you found unsatisfying, please be respectful.

2. Send a Message: You can always send a personal message to the person you hired from her profile page. The comments you make here will be seen only by her. Perhaps you have some advice or constructive feedback to help her on future projects that you feel does not need to be shared with everyone on the website.