This is an important question as per our Platform Services Agreement, ModernDay Village is a neutral platform and does NOT employ, recommend, or endorse any user. Therefore, several factors should be considered:


Relevant matches

There is probably more than one qualified match for your project and you can filter matches to narrow down your choices. However, you should try to choose the profile that resonates with you most. For example, you enjoy reading their profiles and their experience, qualifications or style seems to match your needs, their pricing is on par with what you are prepared to spend. If they linked their own personal website, you can review that for more comprehensive information.


Customer reviews

See how past customers rated and reviewed a provider’s service. You can also see how the provider responded to reviewers, which can help you understand how she interacts with her customers. All ratings and reviews are for projects completed through ModernDay Village.



If you are considering hiring someone for a licensed service, be sure to verify the provider’s credentials. You can SEND MESSAGE from the profile asking to be emailed a copy of their license.


Ask questions/Send Message 

If you have any questions about your project or how well this person communicates, SEND MESSAGE through ModernDay Village and see what responses you get and how well the communication is. You may want to schedule a phone call or video chat to learn more. 


Only when you feel comfortable with the information you’ve read in their profile and/or learned by communicating with them, should you GET A PROPOSAL through ModernDay Village for your project.