You should try to include the following information in your proposal request:

1) Project Details

What type of help are you looking for? Try to be as specific as possible and list all the details of what you want delivered. If you don't know any specifics, then try to solicit advice from the person you are interesting in hiring. Perhaps she can give you some ideas to iron out before you actually hire.

2) Timing

If a specific delivery date/meeting date or ending date is important, please make this clear.

3) Payment

If you prefer to pay by the hour of by a fixed price, please include this information. Also, if you have a specific budget in mind, include that.

4) Remote or in person

Please specify whether you are planning to work remotely or in person.

Also, please share any other information you think would be helpful for someone to know about you. Or, we highly recommend that you create your own profile for anyone you may hire in the future to learn more about you.