This is your sales pitch, summing up who you are and highlighting why someone should consider hiring you. When your profile shows up in a search, your tagline is one of the first things someone will see; it is your opportunity to catch someone's attention. Think about yourself and the service(s) you want to provide. This can be catchy if you have that creative gene, or it can be something literal. Both approaches will work. 


Professional attorney of 15 years with a passion for creating beautiful home decor.

A detail-oriented woman who plans the best trips.

A mom of two teenagers living in New York who loves taking photos to tell a story.

Mom of 3 who LOVES to cook!


About Me  

This is your biography. Write about who you are and what makes you unique. Write as if you are meeting someone and introducing yourself for the first time. Include any information you would like to share that will help others get to know and trust you. Some ideas to consider: write about your family, where you grew up, what makes you tick, your career and your life until now. Some will enjoy including a lot of information here and others won’t.  Whatever you decide, just make sure this information is not already detailed in other parts of your profile. 

Work Experience and Education

Listing titles, work experience, and education can be an easy way to show what you've accomplished.  

Work experience, you can simply state:

Position, Company Name or Associations


Education, you can simply state:

Degree or Certification, Institution Name



List the things you love and love to do. These can be: activities, hobbies, food, people (family), pets, places, causes, principles, etc. Whatever comes to mind first are probably the most salient. This is great material for a conversation starter.



Please share any specific information about your availability, including any periods of time you may not be available to work. Update this information at any time. You can be as general or specific as you wish. Some may want to share that they are never available to work on certain days or times of day, or weekends are off limits; some may want to leave this blank or some may want to use this space to explain that although they don’t have set hours, they will be available to connect and accomplish the project goals on time. This flexibility is key to how ModernDay Village works. We know that we can still get work done and perform at a high level even when we don’t have set hours!



It’s not necessary to have any professional work experience or formal education to offer this service. What have you done that demonstrates your skills and knowledge in this area? Why do you feel that you can help others? What do you love about this work? What do others say about your knowledge or skills associated with this service?

Potential customers are choosing to look at your profile based on the service you are providing.  They want to understand your level of experience (whatever that may be) and why you are talented, qualified and passionate about it. It may be the details about how you work, think or see things or even what inspires you that can provide insight. 

You can also include any project ideas you may have. Think about specific types of projects within this service that you may want to offer. Take advantage of any specific skills, knowledge and passions you have related to this service that could be helpful to others by providing creative and inspiring ideas.


Examples of project ideas to include:  

Service:  Photo Album Design

Project:  Send me up to 75 photos from a trip and I will create a photo album using Shutterfly for $$

Service: College Advising

Project:  Work with your student throughout high school which includes all of these steps (listed) for $$

Service: Trip Planning

Project:  Help you plan itineraries to Utah's national parks, New Zealand or Tuscany.

Hourly rate

You may not know what to charge --that’s okay. Start with a rate (minimum of $10/hr) that would satisfy you. It can be modified at any time. Remember to account for the fees (12% MDV and 3% Stripe) deducted from your rate. See other articles for more specific information on this subject.


Fixed-price projects available

If you are available to, or prefer to work for a fixed-price on a project rather than working by the hour then please mark this as available.  Some customers may prefer working this way and certain projects are more conducive to this option. If you agree to work for a fixed-price, you should present this price in your proposal based on what you are planning to deliver within the proposed timeframe. This means you will not be billing by the hour(s) spent working on the project.  

City, State and Time Zone

Sharing this information can help clarify whether a remote or local project is possible with someone interested in hiring you.


Include a profile photo – and add other photos of yourself or showing your work in the service(s) you are providing.