We believe the best way to resolve a dispute between the two parties involved in executing a project is to avoid them in the first place, which is made more likely by everyone being clear in communication and expectations throughout the process of working together. ModernDay Village is not responsible for, nor undertakes, any obligation to mediate or resolve disputes between two parties.  However, we want everyone to forge good working relationships with one another and have a positive experience with ModernDay Village. While we encourage both parties to attempt to work out any disputes amongst themselves (and encourage both parties to follow up all interactions in writing on our messaging system to aid them in their resolution of disputes), we do want to hear about disputes when they arise to understand why it happened and what helpful hints and general information we can add to our knowledge base for our community to reference and hopefully, help prevent disputes from happening in the future.  

If one party brings a dispute to our attention, we will share the information we receive with the other party and further encourage them to attempt to resolve the dispute.  In order for us to effectively review any issue, all communication between both parties must be documented in writing on our messaging system.

All ModernDay Village users agreed to defend, indemnify and hold the Company Parties harmless from and against any claims or liability whatsoever related to the Company’s participation in attempting to resolve Disputes.  See Platform Services Agreement.

If you would still like to communicate a dispute, please contact us and include all relevant information, such as who the project is with, what specifically you are disputing and any information you have to support your dispute.