My Dashboard is where you manage your projects; it allows you to view all major activity in your account including ongoing project updates and recent transactions. It also provides easy access to all pages relating to recent activity. On the top of the page, you can access outstanding invoices, view your profile and add services.


The main part of your dashboard is broken down into three sections: Activity, Projects and Transactions

Activity includes all recent interactions between you and the ModernDay Village community. Updates you receive in the Activity section focus on topics such as: messages, proposal requests, proposals, payments, reviews, project updates, etc.


The Projects section allows you to keep track of ongoing projects that have not yet been completed. You can click on a project to create invoices, pay invoices, send messages, cancel projects, etc.


Transactions keep track of the cash. This window pulls all financial interactions out of the Activity section so you can see all upcoming payments, recent invoices, etc.

Important: If the My Dashboard screen remains open, it will not show new activity until you refresh the screen. Therefore, if you are waiting for, or expecting, a new activity to appear, please click on My Dashboard on the top menu of your screen to refresh this screen and show any new activity.