On the Explore screen, you can view our current list of Categories and Services. These lists will continually evolve. All of these services are listed (even if they are not yet filled) to help you think about different services you may want to provide or hire for.


Services are listed under different categories. These categories are arbitrary and provide a framework to help you think of different ways you could use help or provide a service. Example: if you know that you want to provide a service or need help with something food related, check out the Food category for ideas. When someone signs up to work on ModernDay Village, she chooses a service, not a category.


If you don’t see the service you want to hire for or provide, please fill out our Contact Us form and we will try to add this service (barring it is not a prohibited service). As we build this community, we are working hard to find providers for all services listed.


If you don’t see the service you want to hire for or want to provide within a certain category, don’t worry. You can certainly fill out our Contact Us form if you want to see a service listed within a certain category. However, if you want to hire for a service, what is most important is that you review all matches for the service you are interested in hiring for, not the category it is under. When you review the matches, you can decide who seems like a good fit for your project and send a message or a proposal request.


IMPORTANT:  One additional way to think about a service is that the name/title may be more broad/general than the specific help you want to provide or are looking for.  That’s fine! The idea of ModernDay Village is to do the work you want to do or find the specific type of help you are looking for. You can provide or hire for a segment of the overall service. 

Example: Service is Event/Party Planning  

Your service may only include planning small weddings, or you may want to hire someone to just help you manage the logistics of organizing a wedding. It’s all up to you!