The hiring and working process is relatively simple. It follows the steps as if you were hiring and working in person. 

Labels: Hirer and Worker


Explore and Decide - Hirer

  1. Determine what type of help you want to find or check out the Explore page for ideas.
  2. Choose a service and search profile matches. You must register to view complete profiles.
  3. Determine who is the best match for you. If you are not sure, you can ask some questions by clicking on SEND MESSAGE on the profile.


My Dashboard - where both parties see and access all activity related to a project or a potential project.


Receive a Proposal/Hire

  1. Hirer: When you are ready to receive a proposal, click on GET A PROPOSAL explaining your project details.
  2. Both parties can manage the process by seeing any new activities that appear on My Dashboard. You will also receive emails to update you on any new activity.
  3. Worker: Click on CREATE PROPOSAL from either the original proposal request or from the messaging screen when you click on a message under Activity.
  4. Hirer: Will receive a proposal which you can ACCEPT/HIRE or DENY.  You can also click on SEND MESSAGE to ask more questions. The Worker has the ability to EDIT the PROPOSAL. 


  1. A Project is created. You can both see the summary of the project anytime and any new activity related to the project on My Dashboard.
  2. Worker: Works on the project.
  3. Both parties can click on SEND MESSAGE to get or provide feedback throughout the project.  

Invoice and Pay

  1. Worker: Will click on CREATE INVOICE from the Project as determined by the proposed payment schedule, i.e deposit, payment at milestones, upon completion.
  2. Hirer: Will receive a notice (and an email) that you have an invoice due.
  3. Hirer: PAY INVOICE promptly online with a credit card.
  4. At the end of a project, the Worker will flag the invoice indicating that it is the end of the project and the last (or only) invoice is due and the Hirer will PAY INVOICE upon receipt. 

Rate and Review

  1. Hirer: On My Dashboard and on your project screen, you will see an alert to ADD REVIEW. This rating and review will appear on the Worker’s profile page.
  2. Worker: You can create a public response to this review by clicking on REPLY.